Making calls in Peru with Movistar or Claro

Making calls in Peru with Movistar or Claro

Are you preparing a long-term trip to Peru? Having a Peruvian sim card is a must. Sim cards are readily available in Peru, so you’ll better off having a local number and being able to contact friends, call a taxi, etc.

Who are the main operators in Peru?

In Peru there are two main mobile phone operators: Movistar or Claro. Recently, a new competitor, Bitel  has been moving up in the market and attracting new clients.

Where you can buy sim card and how you can recharge the phone?

You’ll often find recommendations to buy a sim card at the airport. Unless it’s an emergency, I’d suggest you wait until you’re not in a rush and head to one of the offices in the city. You might be able to find a good deal and choose the best option for you.

In all city centers you will find an abundance of mobile phone shops where you can purchase sim cards, both from Movistar and Claro. Claro will cost approximately 15 soles ($4.5). If your phone has a sim lock, you can always buy a cheap phone including a sim for approximately 60-80 soles ($22-29). With a minimum credit top-up of 3 soles, you can start using it right away. Recharging is easy and can be done in most shops, markets and some restaurants, or anywhere you see the Claro or Movistar logo. Alternatively, you can recharge online.

Generally, the cost of calls and texts with Claro and Movistar are similar, but each company has special offers with varying features that may suit your situation better. An important thing to note is that it will be cheaper to text and call phones on the same network. If you already have friends in Peru, make sure to ask who they’re with!

Tips about using city (area) codes

Like in every country, there are some rules about using city codes.

Calls: mobile to mobile or fixed (land) line to mobile

  • Dial only the 9-digit phone number

Calls: mobile to fixed (land) line

  • 0 + city (area) code + 7 or 6 digit phone number

Example: 0+84 (city code of Cusco)+123456

Calls: fixed (land) line to fixed (land) line

  • In the same area/city: just dial the phone number
  • To another area/city:  0 + city (area code) + 7 or 6 digit phone number

Some the most popular city (area) codes are:

  • Lima 1
  • Cusco 84
  • Arequipa 54
  • Puno 51
  • Huaraz 43
  • Iquitos 65

Happy texting!

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