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Each trip we offer is tailored to the traveler. In our consultations we ask you what you are looking for, what you expect out of your travel experience and what interests you most about Peru. Our detailed interviews of each traveler allow for you to get the most out of your experience and be able to have confidence that whatever you hoped you would receive from your travel you get! We offer tours for all kinds of travelers from the nature lovers or the history buffs to the adventure seekers or foodies and everyone in between. If you are interested in it all we have packages designed to give you a taste of Peru in all different mediums.

All trips are tailored to the traveler so if you are a family with various tastes we offer amazing packages that allow you to experience it all. We always keep in mind what will be fun for both the parents and the kids so that everyone is happily entertained and engaged in their travel experience. During our detailed consultaions about your trip we will make sure all members of your family are taken into account.

Most packaged trips we provide offer a breakfast buffet but again it will always depend on the travelers and the trip you choose! We offer recommendations on various restaurants and eateries so you can experience the amazing food Peru has to offer.  As well if you have any dietary restrictions or specific needs for your food our guides will always provide you with informed recommendations for where and what to eat for your lunches and dinners. We do this to give you the flexibility of what you wish to experience.

Peru is basically a country of open doors. The entry into Peru for Citizens of most American and Western European countries does not require a tourist visa. The maximum period of stay granted by the authorities is 183 days (cannot be extended). For longer periods of time for other purposes (business, study, work, etc.) it is necessary to apply for the corresponding visa at a Peruvian consulate.

In order to enter Peru you must carry a valid passport. Citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and Chile may enter with their valid national identification document.

If you would like to verify if your country of origin needs a visa go here.

All trips always depend on the traveler so during our interviews we always recommend you start with letting us know what sort of adventure you are seeking. If you hope to do more trekking or hiking we are going to recommend a different type of luggage than if you plan on spending more time in museums or other specific locations in Peru. We will always take the time to let you know what we recommend depending on the trip you plan to take.

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