Strapped For Cash? Check Out These Cheap Peruvian Delights

Strapped For Cash? Check Out These Cheap Peruvian Delights

Peru is famous of its street food and beverages. Passing through the Peruvian streets you will never be hungry. In a lot of pavements you can find something to eat and something to drink. Among variety of the things which you can buy on the Peruvian street some are healthy, some rather not. For me the best are these without meat and without frying in deep oil – what is very common.

Interesting thing is, that if you will start buying the food from the same seller in Peru, they will start to call you “casera” – if you are female or “casero” – if you are male. And the seller from whom you will start buying often, will be your “casera” or “casero” too :-). So do not be surprised when somebody will tell to you “my casero/casera what you would like to eat/drink today”…..

Below you will find the list of some food and drinks in the streets in Peru for pennies which I can really highly recommend :-). It is my personal list of 5 best things to eat in Peru. Check it, try when you will be in Peru, and let me know, if you also like all of them.

1. Quinoa, kiwicha and maca

If you are in Peru, need warm breakfast in the morning and you do not have idea what to prepare, or you just do not want lose time for it, go on the street and look for the small car with a lady who sell quinoa, kiwicha and maca! For a glass of one of these goodies you will pay only 1 sol. Do not forget ask for so called “yapa” – you will get another half a glass for free!

quinoa peru

Quinoa, kiwicha and maca are sold in two versions: as a very warm or just warm beverage. If you will drink 2 glasses of it, you will fell full – that is for sure! Usually in the same place you can also buy sandwiches with cheese, avocado or meet. For each sandwich you will pay also 1 sol. Tell me where you will find cheaper, typical Peruvian breakfast? I think nowhere – only on the street in Peru.

2. Platano al horno (platano maduro)

Imagine that you are walking through the streets of Peruvian cities or towns and you dream about nice, sweet, healthy dessert. Well, in this case you can taste platano al horno, called also in Peru as platano maduro.  It is baked sweet banana, which literally melts in your mouth. Sometimes on the streets you can meet people with the stove who are preparing in it bananas.

platano al horno, platano maduro, peru

Each warm, delicious banana costs only 1 sol. It is the cheapest healthy dessert you can imagine, and very good one!

platano al horno in peru

Great idea as a snack during the day.

3. Fresh, pure orange juice

If you are thirsty, do not miss occasion to taste a pure, fresh orange juice. In many places in Peru you can see on the pavements people selling fresh juice. They will peel in front of you some oranges, and then squeeze them in a special machine.


You will not find fresher juice than this one. The good thing is that, this refreshing beverage costs only 1 or 2 soles. Ideal option for the warm days.

4. Fresh pineapple or watermelon slices

Are you a little bit hungry? Would you like to eat something healthy and light? Just take a look where is somebody with the special kind of barrow full of pineapple or watermelons. Go there and try a slice of these fruits. It is another great option for fresh, healthy snack on the Peruvian street during the day.

5. Emoliente tea

How to warm up during the cold peruvian afternoons and evenings almost for free? Well, there is a very good solution. Try Peruvian emoliente tea – a special powerful beverage prepared with different herbs.

herbal tea emoliente in peru, cusco

This drink is both very healthy and in the same time extremely cheap. One glass of this unique tea costs only 1 sol with co-called “yapa”. Great hot or warm herbal tea can be ideal beginning of the evening. More about emoliente tea you can write in my article “Where You Can Taste Peruvian Tea Emoliente“.

To sum up: all above mentioned “street” food and drinks you can easily get in Peru, and almost all you can buy for just 1 sol. This is a perfect opportunity for everyone to taste something unique in this part of the world for pennies. The above mentioned food and drinks are fresh, healthy and in my opinion really worth to try at least once.

Good luck in checking new tastes :-).

Buen provecho and salud!

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