Poop Coffee – Coatis

Poop Coffee – Coatis

Coatis and their poop coffee

Hey there, perhaps your reading this article wondering what on earth it could be about. Perhaps, you read the word coffee and being a coffee lover you couldn’t resist but click on the page. Or maybe you just saw the word poop and were wondering in what way it would relate to coffee. You might be aware that coffee acts as a diuretic, you might also be aware that coffee makes some people have bowel movements, but you are less likely to know that some of the most expensive coffee in the world comes after a bowel movement, out of an animal’s poop.  I am serious. In Peru, there is an adorable animal that looks like a cat-raccoon-monkey called a Coati. Go check out some pictures and videos of them, you won’t be able to resist being charmed by their cuteness, especially when they chirp. Actually the chirping can be a little too high pitched, so make sure you turn the volume down when you watch the videos. Besides being cute, these animals, like all animals, also poop. However, unlike most poop that you might wish too simply avoid, their poop is special and sought after.

Some coffee producers in Peru have turned to the Coati in order to make a unique type of coffee. When coffee cherries ripen and turn red they attract a variety of wild animals. Among them, is the small, long-nosed Coati. These animals are fed coffee cherries along with other fruits by coffee growers. The coffee cherry is not able to be digested by the Coati’s digestive system completely; however, the enzymes break down parts of the coffee cherry so that it becomes less bitter and is filled with the scents of the fruits the Coati has eaten. After the digestion is done, the Coati poops out what remains of the coffee cherry. This is then carefully washed and dried, and then milled to extract the bean. Afterwards, the beans are roasted and are ready to be ground-up and brewed into a fresh cup of coffee that will hopefully taste delicious to you.

For those of you that are still apprehensive about drinking coffee that comes from poop, you can be assured that the coffee is completely sanitary and has been consumed by many people as a fashionable delicacy. This coffee is definitely not inexpensive and sells for about $20-$60 in some places. Already other places of the world have started using other animals, like elephants, to produce this high-quality poop coffee. If you aren’t interested in the coffee, you will have plenty of chances to see the cute Coatis responsible for it in Pisac, Peru.

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