The Ever-Popular Andean Manta

The Ever-Popular Andean Manta

There are lots of things which connect people from all over the word. For sure a lot of us every day have to carry or move something. But there is definitely one thing which is different in other parts of the world, it means the materials, the techniques and the things which we use to carry or move different goods.

One of the most popular things used by people to carry a lot of goods is a handbag or the rucksack. They can be made from the synthetic materials, like plastic bags, from the leather, from the paper, etc. They can be handmade or factory made. We use them every day. Sometimes they are very heavy, then we suffer a lot, sometimes when we are unlucky they can break and all our goods fall down on the street.

These kinds of handbags you can also meet in Peruvian Andes, but what is interesting here, Andean people have their own style of moving and carrying the things.

popularity of peruvian mantas in andes

Traditional Peruvian mantas in Andes

Instead of handbags Andean people, mostly women use special cloth called MANTA. You can find this cloth in every market in Andes. It is sometimes made of Peruvian alpaca and very often has patterns and symbols of the ancient Inca.

popularity of peruvian mantas in andes

If you will visit Peru and especially the Andes, you will see a lot of locals wearing on their shoulders special colorful material. Sometimes this mystery material is empty, sometimes full of many items like food, firewood, plants, etc. Often you will also see babies inside it. About the use of manta to carry babies I wrote in another article, where you can also watch some pictures and movie. Here I would like to show you pictures and movie with mantas in the main role, but used for other, than baby wearing, purposes.

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