The Best Of The Best! Ausangate Trekking

The Best Of The Best! Ausangate Trekking

Peru counts to those places that cannot be explored in several days. The country has such a diverse nature and offers so many sites and activities that it is impossible to get to know everything in a short amount of time. However, nothing is impossible! With some good planning and using right advices you can experience quite a lot.

The secret is simple! You just have to choose the best of the best; the most beautiful of the most beautiful; the most valuable of the most valuable; the most interesting of the most interesting!

According to the traditions of those series we will try to extract the best out of the most beautiful trail in the region of Cusco, which is the route around Ausangate summit – the fifth highest mountain in Peru.

In the series the best of the best in Peru, today more about one of the most beautiful trail in the region of Cusco, which is the route around Ausangate summit – the fifth highest mountain in Peru.

The best hikes on the world. Trek Ausangate Peru

In my view, this route is unique due to its landscapes which are definitely worth seeing. It counts to  the most interesting routes in Peru. Of course, the tastes differ but it’s more than obvious that it’s hard to get disappointed being surrounded by the snowy peaks at the altitudes up to 5,000 meters above sea level.

Apart of this, Ausangate offers hot springs, numerous lagoons, herds of llamas, alpacas and tiny villages perched high in the mountains, inhabited by communities who wear colorful, beautiful clothes. How can one think of a better place to take a break from the daily life and learning about Peruvian Andes and the local Andean population? To get inspired of what is described here, you can make it easier for you and watch some pictures and video, which you can find at the end of the article.

Ausangate trekking in Peru

There is one thing you can’t deny – the life in the region of Ausangate is lived by their own rules and their own pace. Here you can encounter the naturalness, freshness, simplicity which are less and less available in typical tourist destinations. Those who appreciate these qualities, will never regret doing this route.

During horse ridding near Ausangate, Peru

Ausangate trekking – in how many days?

Basically, you can do Ausangate trek or in 4 or in 5 days. There is an option of doing longer 7-day version. It is also possible to do the trail in 3 days, but in that case you need to be prepared that it will be long, exhausted and very hard adventure (but of course very beautiful). But you don’t really need to spend so much time to see the best of the best, there is no need to cross the entire trail.

Due to the reason that a lot of people do not have time, resources, or physical capacity to do full Ausangate trek I decided to check whether it is possible to choose from the entire route a section, which could be considered as the most beautiful and equally attractive, as the whole trail. It turned  out that such a shortened version of Ausangate trekking exists and can safely be treated as an exceptional and enough to experience the very best.

Trekking in Peru. Ausangate trek

Without any doubt, if someone has an unlimited amount of time, sufficient resources, strength and desire to spend some days in the mountains, it’s worth trying to overcome all the route. Every day of the trail is filled with incredible views, experiences and feelings. However, if you know that there is lack of any of above-mentioned factors or simply if you do not like or for various reasons cannot stay in the high mountains for longer time, two-day adventure with Ausangate surely would be enough for you.

Trekking Ausangate in Peru

Shorter, two days long, version of Ausangate trek – the best of the best in the region of Cusco!

Shorter, two days long, version of Ausangate trek – the best of the best in the region of Cusco!

Doing this trek in two days might be too short, but at the same time it will give you enough time to get to know better Peruvian Andes and the local communities in mountain areas. What primarily can be expected on the route?

First, the route can be overcome either by foot or on horseback, or partly by foot and partly on horseback.

Secondly, to reach the trail you have to expect to wake up very early in the morning and go by bus or by car from Cusco approximately 3-hours to a small village high in the mountains. It can be a little bit difficult for sleepers, but stunning landscapes for sure will reward all the inconveniences.

Ausangate trek as the best trekking in Peru

Thirdly, on the trail among other you will enjoy beautiful Andean landscapes, snow-capped peaks, numerous mountain lakes and friendly local communities. For those who appreciate hot springs and want to relax, there are two nice pools with the view for Ausangate mountain, where you can take healthy, warm bath.


Besides that you will get some secrets revealed about the breeding of the llamas and alpacas. Also you will check how it is to be on the altitude of around 5,000 meters above sea level and much, much more.

llamas and alpacas during ausangate trek

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