Unique Islands of Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca 3 days

With so much to offer, not everyone has time for discovering the many delights of Peru and its Puno region. With this in mind, we have carefully prepared a special package consisting of 3 days of unique experiences. Over the course of 3 days you will have opportunities to meet local people, spend some time on the lake´s waters, and get to gribs with the history and archaelogoy of the area. Lake Titicaca is the principal tourist attraction of the Puno region, home to beautiful and unique islands such as Amantani, Taquile and Uros, as well as the incredible folkloristic peninsula of Capachica. Interesting and important historical sites around the lake are not to be missed – such as the pre-Inca cemetery at Sillustani. From museums hosting mummies from the Tiahuanaco era to short treks on the island of Amantani, during this tour you can be sure, that you will see the best the Puno region has to offer!

Tour Itinerary


    The tour begins 5 am when we are collected by private transport in Cusco and travel to the Capachica peninsula. Uopn arrival we will have some free time to admire the beautiful landscapes and scenery, before heading to the unique island of Ticanota. We will spend the night here in Ticanota, sharing the evening with the local community, accompanied by traditional folk music and dances.


    After breakfast and short walk around the island we will go by boat to the floating island of Uros.We will learn a local method of fishing as well and visit the unique museum of mummies dating form the Tiahuanaco culture.In the afternoon, we will continue by boat to the lake´s biggest island, Amantani, where we will hike to the top of the island to watch the sunset, before descending and spending the evening in the company of a local family.


    After breakfast we will return by boat to the Capachica peninsula from where we will travel by car to the cemetery of Sillustani. We will arrive back in Cusco late in the night, full of new knowledge about Lake Titicaca and the local life in the Puno region of Peru!


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