Exploring Cusco’s San Pedro market

Exploring Cusco’s San Pedro market

Cusco is loaded with interesting things to see, such as San Pedro market (Mercado Central de San Pedro). Not only popular with the locals, it’s a hit with tourists as well. If you have the time, don’t miss the opportunity to visit. It’s located just a few blocks from the main square, Plaza de Armas, beside San Pedro church.

What you can find in San Pedro market?

Almost anything! Textiles, souvenirs, food, fruit and veg, as well as herbs and other medicinal products. One end of the market also houses dozens of eateries serving local dishes at low prices. Meals usually consist of a soup, a main, and a drink, for about 4-6 soles.

One of the most popular sections holds the fresh juice stalls. Every day, energetic Peruvian women prepare delicious fruit and vegetables juices and try and attract passersby to their particular stall–there’s a lot of competition! Customers can choose additives like yogurt or sweetners, and three glasses–three!–will set you back only 3 soles.

Fresh juice at San Pedro offers not only a great dose of vitamins, but for some also a breakfast alternative. It’s also the perfect spot to meet friends, hang out, and relax. You could also make friends with some locals and learn a thing or two about Peruvians!

I highly recommend!


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