Must-Haves For Your Machu Picchu Adventure

Must-Haves For Your Machu Picchu Adventure

Every day a lot of people visit the most famous Inca ruins Machu Picchu. Some of them are organizing a trip on your own; some of them buy the tours with the travel agencies. But there are also accidents that some people lose the opportunity to entrance this famous Inca city.


Because of the lack of passport or because the number of the passport on the ticket was different than in the document. Remember that without the passport you will have problems in front of the entrance gate to Machu Picchu. And if you will be unlucky, the guard will not let you visit Incas city. So it is always better to avoid this kind of situations.


Just have with you passport and during buying the ticket, check if the number of passport is correct.

If you do not want to bring passport with you (you are afraid to travel with it and you decided to leave it in the embassy) than necessary you need to have a copy of this but not only. In that case more safe will be to go also to the tourist police and get from them special official paper where will be written that your passport is in the embassy/consulate. The copy of this official paper costs 7,60 soles. So it is worth to get it and entrance Machu Picchu without any problems.

Below you will find an address of the police in Cusco.


Policía Nacional del Perú (National Police)

Túpac Amaru square P – 15.

Telephone: 24-6088 / 25-2222 – anexo 208.

Policía de Turismo (Police of Tourism)

Address: Calle Saphy N° 510.

Telephone: 249654.

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