The Manta: the Peruvian Solution for carrying things/babies.

The Manta: the Peruvian Solution for carrying things/babies.

Strollers or prams are popular in most developed countries, but there are a lot of places where women still carry their children on their back. Everybody needs a solution to carry what they need. You can find an interesting article about the history of carrying babes here here.

In Peru, Andean women use a blanket called a manta to carry their children. The name in Quechua is “lliqlla.”

peruvian manta

A manta is a traditional item which can be used to carry just about anything–food, firewood, plants. But more often than not you’ll see women using them as a convenient way to carry their babies around, and keep them warm at the same time. This frees up their hands to perform other jobs.

Children in typical Peruvian mantas

Babies spend all day with their mothers, often sleeping, while their mum can go about her day without worrying too much.

Babies are sleeping in mantas, sitting there and all the time are close to their mothers. In the same time mothers can do all daily duties, without being worried about the children.

peruvian manta

It may seem a little unsafe but this is a time-honoured tradition and the footpaths of Peru aren’t littered with babies so we’ll have to trust them on this one.

peruvian manta

But a little caution comes in handy–I’ve seen a woman or two get off a bus and accidently bump her kid’s head on the doorway!

manta peru


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