Cusco’s delicious Platano Al Horno (platano maduro)

Cusco’s delicious Platano Al Horno (platano maduro)

If i start mentioning all the things I love about Cusco, for example its landscapes, views, nature, and history, it can take a while. I love to meet with local people on the streets, buy their products and talk with them about their lives. Staying at the same place for long time makes you appreciate it, and get the best choice of places and sellers you want to deal with: they call them “caseras” or “caseros” here in Peru.

According to my healthy lifestyle i often buy quinoa, kiwicha or maca for my breakfast as well as herbal tea emoliente as a great evening beverage. The experience of this close familiar relationship between me and the sellers makes my street shopping more personalized and it is really a nice part of my daily life in Peru.

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The other delicious thing i can’t skip  is Platano al horno Seemingly nothing more than baked bananas but nothing less than a warm and very sweet addictive desert. When you eat them, they literally melt in your mouth. Keep in mind, that Peruvians use a special kind of banana, platanos maduros, which turn really sweet after the process of baking. You can order platano al horno in some restaurants, however, it’s more common to find them on the street.

The name of my “casero”, who makes me risk my figure and sells me those tasty baked bananas, is Seferino. You can always find him on one of the street which I pass almost each day. I have to confess, It is always a big challenge for me to pass him without buying this unique Peruvian snack…to be honest, I buy it almost everyday.

First, I love these sweet, baked bananas and second, I really like to meet that man and exchange a few words with him. He waits for clients in the same place, almost everyday, for at least a few hours (in the late mornings and early afternoons). I suggest you come and meet him on your way during your visit to this lovely city. If you love sweets, I am sure you will enjoy its taste. Each warm banana costs only 1 sol. It is the cheapest and healthiest dessert you can imagine. Just try it!

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