Machu Picchu drastically limits ticket to ancient ruins

Regulations can be frustrating for all parties involved. In some cases,  respecting basic, good, and necessary regulations can be a problem. In other situations, like this recent case with Machu Picchu, regulations seem so restricting that they are nothing short of absurd!

Think you disagree? Read on to learn about time restriction for exploring the ruins, also no bathroom use during that time!


Now there are new regulations introduced for visiting Machu Picchu. 

Feel like holding it for four hours?

First of all, anyone who has been to Machu Picchu know that there’s no shortage of things to see.  The mystic Inca citadel is steeped in ancient history including: stone sun dials, temples concealed in caves, and the sacred sacrificing tables. There’s a reason it’s usually recommended to spend a night in Aguas Calientes and make an early start to the ruins. Not only is the sunrise upon Machu Picchu breathtaking, but you can easily spend the whole day exploring!

This makes the news of additional regulations all the more disappointing. As a tourist, the time you’ll now have available in the new wonder of the world has been limited to four hours.

To top it all it off, the bathrooms are built outside of the ruins AND outside of the entrance gate. Basically, if you have to use the toilet any time during your four hours in Machu Picchu, you risk losing your ticket!


..or spending an extra $15 USD?

There are loopholes to this limitation, but likely not ones you prefer. Namely, you can purchase a ticket for one of the additional peaks: Huayna Picchu, or Montaña Vieja.

Buying this extra ticket will extend the duration of your stay in the ruins. Additionally, by spending this extra $15 USD you will be provided the right to leave the ruins once. (eg. in order to use the toilet) Therefore regardless of weather conditions or desirability, you now must always buy an additional ticket to hike one of the mountains.

This is assuming that you are even able to purchase a ticket. They tend to sell out in advance and must be bought before their 8 am or 10 am departure times. Imagine being at this awe-inspiring treasure of cultural heritage, having your stay limited to four hours because you were unable to purchase an extra ticket. Not to mention that thousand of daily tourists without toilet access for four hours is bound to cause some problems!

These changes are in effect, and have been tested out and tweaked through July of this year.

It is not out of question that in the coming months the Ministry of Culture will adjust something regarding these regulations. There have been no shortage of complaints, and we can only hope that they will be received with deft action.

Of course we will keep you updated on any changes to come!

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