Peruvian limes are perfect for ceviche!

Cevicherias of Peru

Peru is famous for its meat rich cuisine. As a foreigner you will be offered many dishes where meat is the main course. But once you go to the city market you will notice a lot of small restaurants and buffets called Cevicherias: they serve the most famous Peruvian fish dish called Ceviche. If you are a fan of seafood and fresh fish it’s a must-try. The most important ingredient is a friendly green fruit, used for everything here, the green lime. The magic juice of this lime is capable to transform a piece of raw fish into a delicious meal. It is the one thing that remains irreplaceable – the Peruvian lime.

Lemons - the fruit of Peru

Ceviche is not the only dish to which Peruvians use their unique lemon!

Not only the carnivores can enjoy the taste of Ceviche for there are different types of options for using the home made lime vinegar with vegetables instead of fish. As an option you could try preparing it with fresh champignons which also do not resist the lime juice and become a dream raw food for all vegetarians and even vegans. Also you can easily combine it with any veggie of your choice, whether an onion or salad. The other benefit and reason for doing so is in salt reduction. The more lime juice you put – the less salt you need.

Actually Peruvian Limón is a component of numerous salsas and gives exceptional flavor to many typical dishes. Peruvians can’t imagine eating a meal without this small green ingredient. They add it to almost everything such as soups as well as to different kind of main courses. The first thing served in restaurants is always limes and some sauces, including spicy.


Peruvian Limón in health industry

Not only it will be broadly used in the kitchen but it’s very popular in the beauty and health industry. Whether applied as an organic antiseptic for a sore throat or a liquid for pores reduction – it seems to be a unique product that can help in different areas of life and is totally eco friendly.


Peruvian Limón in drinks

The last property of the Peruvian Limón to be mentioned – it’s party friendliness. It comes along with the other famous Peruvian product, the alcoholic drink called Pisco. Made out of grapes in special conditions, prepared during over 2,5 years – it’s another delicious thing you cannot miss. One of the most common combinations for cocktails however is with lime. The top cocktail called Pisco Sour normally contains Pisco itself, egg white, honey, and Limón. The taste is very refreshing and is ideal for the night out during your trip. Highly recommended!

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