Is it easy to rent and apartment in Cusco?

Is it easy to rent and apartment in Cusco?

If you are planning to stay in Cusco at least some weeks, without doubt it will be more profitable to rent here either a room or an apartment. As a busy town, it is a lot easier if you know some things ahead of time. Here are some tips.

In high season (usually between June-October) it can be quite difficult to rent a good place, especially if you wish to find something close to the city center, in a safe area and for as cheap as possible in the city centre (around the main square) the prices are very high. For the flat you will pay between around 1300-3500 soles per month.The prices of the flats really depends on the number of rooms and if there are fully furnished or not.

But don’t worry, the good news is that you can find also something cheaper :-). Maybe your new home will be not necessary one, two, three blocks from the main square, instead five or six blocks farther, but thanks to that you will safe some money.

The most important tips about renting an apartment or room in Cusco

In general you will not find too many options of renting a flat or room on internet. Most advertisements about renting a place in Cusco you will find in the printed version of the local newspaper called Rueda de Negocios. Just you need to know, that only in the Thursday edition of this newspaper appear really a lot of announcement about this topic. Some of them you will also find on Tuesday edition. So if you will plan to search for the new “home”, definitely choose Thursday ! Every week there are a lot of offers: renting the single rooms, or apartments all mini apartments.

 renting an apartment or room in Cusco

Remember however one of the most important principles: first come first served! So, with the purchase of the newspaper do not wait until midday. On the contrary, you should get Rueda de Negocios very early in the morning, even at 6 or 7 and start the search immediately. In general you can buy Rueda de Negocios from around 5:30 in the morning. Thanks to such a morning “searching” exercise, you will have a better chance of selecting the best option before others will grab it from under your nose.

In this moment you can also check Rueda de Negocios on line.

Others good place for searching a flat or room in Cusco

Sometimes a very good advertisements about renting an apartment or room appear in South American Explorers Club (SAE). If you will not find anything interesting in Rueda de Negocios, definitelly visit  Cusco SAE clubhouse. Their office is situated in San Blas: Atocsaycuchi 670 street.

Did you find a perfect place to live ? Wait a second, ask the future leaser some extra questions before renting it!

Tips about making a contract with the landlord while renting apartment or room in Cusco

If you will finally find the right place, ask the landlord about all details, especially: what is included in the price and what is not included.

What is more important! Not only you should ask, but also check personally!!! Especially if in your future home there is a hot water provided. Of course every leaser will tell you that yes, but always be careful. Even if there is an electricity system in the bathroom, you need to know that not always hot water, or even warm water is available. The electricity system very often does not work properly, so if you love hot shower, it should be number one on the list – to ask about and check personally. The best option which I can recommend is to find the place where the gas system is provided. Only then you can be sure, that the hot water will appear every time. Now more new buildings are equipped with the gas system, the only one problem is that these apartments or rooms usually are a little bit further from the city center.

The other important thing you should ask and check is the internet connection. Of course in a lot of offers you will have wi-fi included, but the question is what kind of speed that “free” internet will have. You need to know that in Cusco good internet service works only in the centre and close to the centre and of course not in every renting place. So always check if the internet speed is enough for you. If not, better look for another place.

At the end you need to also remember about the safety issue. Not all areas in Cusco city are safe to live, so if you will decide to rent an apartment or room in the other place than city center, please first ask locals (not only a leaser) if the neighborhood is safe and what is more important, ask if it is also secure during the evenings. Some areas can appear as a very safe during the day, but it changes in the evenings and nights.

Good alternative can be to find the place with the private guards. Some areas (streets), usually tourists places have a security guards. For sure this kind of places will be more secure than in others, even if they are not in the city center.

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