Rainbow Mountains Palcoyo and Q'eswachaka Bridge

Treat yourself to a colorful mountain hike and discover the last handmade Inca rope bridge!

Discover the Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain and the Last Handmade Inca Bridge

<h3 style=”text-align: justify;”>Our “Rainbow Mountains Palcoyo and Queswachaka Bridge” tour is a great choice for anyone wanting to see the beautiful colorful mountains and experience a taste of the Quechuen culture and community. This tour is wonderful for families and available for any level of hiker. Enjoy amazing views of Palcoyo and see three different colored mountains at the same time!


style=”text-align: justify;”>Afterwards, experience another beautiful sight Peru has to offer: the Q’eswachaca Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here is an exciting scene, a beautifully constructed Inca bridge that is a testament to tradition and age-old engineering. The bridge is composed of ropes and is carefully crafted and reconstructed every year by the Quechuen people. Don’t just look! Take a thrilling walk across the bridge and experience it firsthand!


style=”text-align: justify;”>Maximum altitude: 16,400 ft (5,000 m) above sea level.

Tour Itinerary


    We have an early start, departing Cusco at 6:00 am via private transport.

    After an approx. 3  and a half hour journey, during which we will pass numerous alpaca’s, natives who live in the mountains and beautiful winding landscapes, we will arrive at the trailhead. From there will be a hike lasting approx. 1 hour.

    This hike is accessible for all ages and hiking levels. We will be reaching altitudes of 5000m (16400ft) above sea level. The view is well worth the height! You will be able to observe 3 different colored mountains at the peak of the hike.

    After returning to our transport (45 minute downhill walking) we will drive approx. 1 hour to view the Checacupe Inca Rope Bridge.


    The Checacupe Inca Rope Bridge is a suspension bridge built over a river constructed by the Inca Empire. These bridges were an important part of the Incan road system and are examples of Incan innovation in engineering. Bridges of this type were useful since the Inca people did not use wheeled transport – traffic was limited to pedestrians and livestock. They were frequently used by Chasqui (messengers of the era) to deliver messages throughout the Inca Empire.

    After an approx. 15 minute drive, we will stop for lunch. Breakfast and dinner are not included.


    After lunch, we will drive for about 1 and a half hours to the Inca Queswachaka (Q’eswachaca) Bridge.

    Sustaining ancient traditions over centuries is no small feat, but it is managed spectacularly by local Quechue communities in the Cusco region. Four Quechue communities unite themselves every year in order to rebuild the bridge completely from scratch. The secrets of this design and construction process are handed down from generation to generation and their aim is to maintain exactly the same style and materials that were used more than 500 years ago by Inca engineers.

    Thanks to this tradition and the strong will of the 1,000 people who participate in the bridge´s annual reconstruction, we can step away from the history books and enjoy an interactive experience of Inca culture. Come and experience Inca engineering at work in the 21st century and take a walk across the Queswachaka (Q’eswachaca) Bridge!

    Optional: For those of you who want to make a short downhill trek, approx. 30 minutes, on a ancient Inca trail, we can take a trail on part of Qhapaq Ñan to the Queswachaka (Q’eswachaca) Bridge.

    At around 5:30 pm we will leave the Queswachaka (Q’eswachaca) Bridge and drive for about 3 hours to arrive back in Cusco at around 8:30 or 9:00 pm.

Pricing Packs


$ 165


  • Palcoyo Rainbow mountains
  • Three Rainbow Mountains Palcoyo & Queswachaka Bridge Tour
  • Three Rainbow Mountains Palcoyo & Queswachaka Bridge Tour
  • Q'eswachaka Bridge tour
  • Queswachaka Bridge Peru
  • Building of the Queswachaka Bridge
  • Transport to the all attractions
  • English/Spanish speaking guide
  • Lunch/picnic
  • Ticket to the Rainbow Mountains
  • Car park at the Palcoyo Mountains
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Travel insurance (Obligatory)
  • Tips

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