Preparing For Your Trip to Peru – 9 things to do before you leave

Preparing For Your Trip to Peru – 9 things to do before you leave

If you are planning a trip to Peru or other country in South America, it is always worth it to take care of some important things. Very often people forget and it can create a lot of problems during our trip).

9 Things worth to do before the trip to Peru

  1. Make a copy of all your important documents (passport, insurance, driver’s license, airline tickets, vaccination book, drive license, etc. – Preferably in color).
  2. Take a photo of all important documents passport, insurance, driver’s license, airline tickets, vaccination book, drive licence, etc.) and put them on your e-mail. In the case of loss / theft of the original documents such data helps the consulate manufacturing new ones. You will also be more reliable for any checkpoints. What is even more important, you can open e-mail almost everywhere and easily get at least a photo of your documents.
  3. Pack all documents in one safe place and the copy of them in a completely different place.
  4. If you do not have international driver’s license, get one. It can be very useful if you travel a long time.
  5. Take the recommended vaccinations.
  6. Take a basic check-up, consult your family doctor about situations such as: altitude sickness.
  7. Read about altitude sickness and how to prevent it.
  8. Write down and put on the e-mail addresses of your friends, so that you will not have problems sending post cards from your trip.
  9. Register among others on portals such as Couchsurfing or HelpX – which can help you to travel. Thanks to these kind of projects you can not only save a lot of money, but more importantly, you can meet wonderful people, get real pure knowledge about culture, traditions of the country, and you can also get unique experience. More about Couchsurfing and HelpX you can read in the article “Travelling almost for free with HelpX and couchsurfing

Do not leave shopping and packing to the last minute!! It is always better to pack all the stuff even 2 days in advance. Weight the backpack before going to the airport to be sure you did not take too many things. (otherwise you will have to pay quite a lot) If you are late on the airport, you can have additional problems. During packing very often we realize that we forgot to buy something, or that the backpack is too small, or is too heavy and not comfortable. If you pack earlier you will see earlier unexpected problems and will have time to eliminate it without stress.

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